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Download FTKEK's Logo


  • The newly designed logo for FTKEK, UTeM was designed to resonate with its core functions and reputation as a top engineering education provider.
  • The theme was a bold and modern design that effectively conveys and aligns with the faculty's focus on technology and innovation.


  • Blue (HEX: #1e1f58, RGB: 30,31,88)

    A color associated with professionalism, trust, and reliability. It complements the gold by grounding the logo in a sense of authority and academic rigor.

  • Gold (HEX: #fcc80d, RGB: 252, 200, 13)

    This color is often associated with quality, prestige, and innovation. In an academic setting focused on engineering and technology, it underscores the faculty's commitment to excellence and cutting-edge research.


  • Font:

    The font choice typically represents the seriousness and modernity of the engineering field. Sans-serif fonts are often used to convey a sense of clarity and modernity, key attributes in technology  and engineering.

  • Spacing:

    The letter spacing, known as kerning, is tight but not overlapping. This can symbolize the close-knit community within the faculty, as well as the interconnectedness of technology and engineering.

Negative “E”

  • In graphical design and art, negative space is used to create an additional image or symbol. The "negative" E could signify the faculty's commitment to thinking outside the box, to disruptive innovation—a key trait for any leading technology and engineering institution.


  • The logo is dominated by a large yellow arrow, which points upward and to the right. This arrow represents the faculty's commitment to moving forward and pushing the boundaries of technology. The arrow is also dynamic and energetic, reflecting the faculty's innovative spirit institution.

Acronym: F-T-K-E-K

  • Acronyms serve as mnemonic devices, making it easier to remember and recognize. Here, it aligns closely with the full name of the faculty, serving as a quick, effective identifier for those within the technology and engineering community.


  • The overall synergy of these elements conveys a faculty that is both forward-thinking and rooted in academic rigor. It suggests an institution where tradition and innovation coexist, producing graduates who are well-versed in both theoretical knowledge and practical skills

In sum, this logo is not just a visual identifier;

it's a microcosm of what the faculty stands for.
It balances tradition with modernity and authority with innovation—
fitting representation for a top-tier engineering technology faculty.